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Q. What is a Personal Concierge Lifestyle Manager?

A. A Personal Concierge Lifestyle Manager is a very personal service designed to help you balance your schedule in your personal, family and professional life; meaning a service that supports you in all areas required to manage your lifestyle. This will give you the time back to spend on the things you enjoy.

Q. What if the task I want does not take an hour?

A. We require that each client requests a service that takes at-least an hour. 


Note, the fee only reflects the charge of the service, any other extra charges (cost of supply materials, etc.) will be billed directly to the client if purchased on our business credit card.

  • When shopping on behalf of our clients, we have two different ways to charge the purchases:

  • On the client's credit card - the client provides us with a credit card.

  • On our company credit card. This payment option carries a 10% administrative fee.

Q. When and how do I get billed?

A. Packages must be paid in advance.  For all other services, we will send you an invoice through Quickbooks once services are completed.  Check or credit card is accepted.  

Q. The service I want is not listed on your website.

A. No sweat, if you do not see a service you are seeking, just ask and we will see what we can do.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. Yes, we kindly ask that all clients cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled service.

Q. Do you have a customer contract?

A. Yes, the contract protects us and you. The contract will list the services we are being hired to provide, as well as the cost of the services rendered. 

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